Chef Brooke’s ! Amazing new dishes!

Have to apologize because it has been a while since I last blogged! I’ve been traveling in Europe for the past couple of months and have had limited computer access.. the good news is I have a ton of restaurants to blog about 😉

I thought I would start off today with my favorite place.. the best place to go after being out of the country for a bit.. Chef Brooke’s Natural Cafe in Fort Myers, Fl. I admit, living in LA I don’t get to eat at Chef Brooke’s as much as I’d like ( as in everyday) so it’s a treat when I am in town to go! It seems that everytime I go to Chef Brooke’s she has invented a new amazing dish for me to eat! The creativity is endless. 🙂Image
Chef Brooke alway’s has an amazing specials board along with menu items such as: sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, desserts and even a kids menu! Chef Brooke creates dishes from every culture! I can NEVER pick between the incredible specials she has so she just makes me a plate of what she thinks i’ll like ( and she has never been wrong!) the “Specials Plate“(pic above) ($11.99) Tempeh Salad Cup, BBQ Tofu Melt, Fresh Salad, Beans & Rice, and Falafel. Yep- all of that on one plate= bliss..This plate was spectacular.. I mean everything about it tasted delicious.. The plate is like a piece of art work to be honest..almost to good to eat…*almost* – Fresh, homeade and creative..the best kind of food you can eat.
The next plate up is the “Stuffed Pepper Plate“(pic above) ($11.99) Fresh Yellow Pepper stuffed with a mix of Brooke’s creations. I don’t know everything she put in the pepper but I can tell you it was euphoric. Full of amazing is what it was. Brooke never runs out of new dishes to create! Of course you cannot leave Chef Brooke’s without having a baked good.. I have dreams about her bakery… Faeriecakes, muffins, dream bars, brownies, cookies, and so much more! How does one choose?!
Brooke made one of my favorite’s “Chocolate Pineapple Faeriecake($2.99) Fresh Pineapple Muffin with Chocolate Chips topped with a vegan Frosting. .. This cake is hard to describe because it is as close to Heaven as you can get on earth. I could live the rest of my life just on these 😉 Be sure to stop in for one of the jewels!
Chef Brooke’s Natural Cafe is warm and inviting- the second you walk in the door the intense smell of delicious food hits your nose! Great music, great atmoshphere! Chef Brooke goes above and beyond to make sure everyone leaves happy and full! It’s a great place for lunch or even just for a coffee and baked good! Be sure to check it out!
Chef Brooke’s Natural
1850 Boyscout Drive (#A106) Fort Myers, FL 33907  # 239.332.2433

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