Interim Cafe: yet another reason to love SM..

Gluten Free, Fat Free, Sugar Free, & AMAZING:)

Santa Monica is a super vegan friendly area in Los Angeles, which totally goes with the “active lifestyle” that is in abundance there:) My type of place! Interim Cafe is the perfect little cafe to stop in for a bite to

Masala Hemp Tofu Salad

eat. Located right on Wilshire Blvd. only 3 blocks from the “3rd Street Promenade” and right by the beach! They have a fantastic breakfast menu as well as lunch items like salads, sandwiches,

Double Chocolate Muffin. !

vegan bowls, veggie burgers, quesadillas, an AMAZING baked goods case with Gluten Free, and Fat Free options ( its all sugar free), as well as their prized Chocolate Salvation Frozen Yogurt.

Chocolate Salvation

This cafe has a very relaxed and chill vibe, lots of locals and regulars you can tell. With so much to choose from it took me a few minutes to decide what I wanted but the guy at the counter was super helpful! While I took my

Spectacular "Soft Serve" 🙂

time deciding what to order I got the “Oat Bran Strawberry & Blueberry Muffin($2.75) *Gluten Free & Fat Free*: Fresh Oat Bran Batter with Plump Blueberries and Fresh Strawberries

Ask for a FREE Sample:)

topped with flakes of Oats. This thing was so delicious! I mean its a task to make something *Vegan* *Sugar Free* *Fat Free* & *Gluten Free* that tastes like Heaven but they have done it!! It was moist ( which is rare when something is GF) with tons of Berries! * applause*. For my order I got the “Masala Hemp Tofu Salad” ($8.00) Hemp Tofu, Organic Arenas, Toy Box Tomatoes, Cucs, Cashews, in a Mango Chutney Vinaigrette with Baked Lentil Papadum. I really enjoyed this salad. The dressing was really tasty! A fruity sweetness from the mango, just an all around yummy salad. Refreshing. Simple but delicious. For later I got the ” Double Chocolate Muffin ($2.75) *Gluten Free* Deep Chocolate Batter with Sweet Cherries, and Chips. This was soft and chocolaty! I adore anything with Cherries, so this was the perfect fit for me:).. mhmm chocolate heaven! Lastly what I had for my dessert at Interim Cafe is something that makes this place a gem. The “Chocolate Salvation” ($2.50) Organic Chocolate, Sugar Free, Vegan Soft Serve. This stuff is definitely something to rave about. I have to be honest this soft serve was the reason I initially wanted to try Interim Cafe after seeing it reviewed by fellow blogger QuarryGirl . It is so hard to find vegan, sugar free “soft serve” and this tasted heavenly.. Moist, and sweet. decadent. If for no other reason than this Chocolate Salvation..visit Interim Cafe.. You won’t be sorry. Great area, Great food, Great people,Great Place! Check out the Menu!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Interim Cafe:

530 Wilshire Blvd.

Santa Monica CA.