MHM Vegan Cupcakes:)

Carrot Cupcake

So not to far from Swami’s in Encinitas, sits a little place called  Lotus Cafe. This is a great place with TONS of vegan options! They serve up an all day breakfast, mexican dishes, salads, wraps, soups, salads, stuffed spuds, stir-fry’s, shakes, juices, and some KILLER homemade vegan desserts! Since Swami’s is so close I just end up getting the dessert here and eating at Swami’s.. BUT one day when I am in town longer than a day I WILL have to try some of there main entrees because they sound killer…  Let me say this though,

Chocolate Cupcake

Lotus Cafe is worth a trip even if it’s just for dessert. ! Today my mom and I split 2 of there delicious cupcakes. “ Carrot Cake Cupcake($3.95) Fresh Vegan Carrot Cake Batter topped with Gooey Vanilla Cream Frosting. As you can tell in the picture this thing was HUGE.. but the flavor was even bigger than the size!! This thing is a bomb of amazing in the mouth. super good! We also split ” Chocolate Cupcake” ($3.95) Fresh Chocolate Batter with Vanilla Cream topping. What can I say equally as delicious! The chocolate has a

$3.95 a piece. YUM

‘sweet’ flavor but not overwhelming.. and I have no idea what is in that frosting but it is addicting.. SO YUM!! Eat clean and keep it sweet!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Lotus Cafe:

765 South Coast Highway 101

Encinitas, CA.