Pure Luck!

Pure Luck!

So for our lunch today, we headed to a new little place I’ve heard great things about! Pure Luck is located on North Heliotrope Drive in Los Angeles.. It’s a great little place with a lovely unique menu with homemade soups, salads, mexican food, wraps, sandwiches, and  in their veggie ” meat” they use JackFruit which is a fruit in the mulberry family. Very delicious and different! We decided to try a few goodies on the menu for today! We started off with “Pure Luck Spring Rolls” ($6.00) Spinach, Basil, Sprouts, Lime & Tofu rolled up in a Flour Tortilla Served Fresh or Fried, Spicy or Mild. We chose Fresh and Spicy! These were very yummy and refreshing, a lot of great spinach in their and

Spring Rolls ($6)

perfectly cooked tofu! To split we started with a “Cesar Salad with Tofu & JackFruit($8.00) Romaine Lettuce topped with Grilled Tofu, Sliced Avocado, Onions, Croutons and a Lemon-Garlic Cesar Dressing. Add Jackfruit. This was a huge and crispy salad! SO GOOD! Great portions of protein and lettuce. mhmmm. We also split “Todd’s BBQ Sandwich with Curry Garbanzo Soup”($9.00)  BBQ “pulled-Pork” with Pickles, Onions & Vegan Mayo on a Rustic Roll. Curry Garbanzo Soup( side) Curry flavored soup filled with Chunky Garbanzo Beans. This JackFruit is AMAZING!! I would challenge any non- vegan to eat this and tell me it isn’t incredible! This BBQ sauce was luscious! SO

Cesar Salad ($8)

glad we tried this sandwich! The soup was equally as good.. every spoon left you coming back for more! I love curry so this was perfect:) Great food here, my only complaint is that it took quite a long time to get our food.. to long actually.. Still worth eating the food so maybe call in an order!:):) Eat clean!!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Pure Luck:

707 N. Heliotrope Dr.

Todd's BBQ Sandwich( $9)

Los Angeles CA.