Scoops: Heavenly Vegan ‘Ice Cream’


This just in: I HAVE FOUND A BIT OF HEAVEN IN LA! Scoops is a cute little Ice Cream shop directly across the street from ‘Pure Luck Vegan Restaurant‘  in LA. This stuff is the best ‘ice cream’ I have ever had!! They change the flavors frequently and not all of the ice creams are vegan but at least 4 are! Today the flavors were Salty Chocolate, Balsamic Strawberry, Coffee Maple, & Banana Oreo. I sampled all of these and they were all knock my socks off amazing!!! The staff is friendly as well- willing to give samples at your request!  The portions are big! Today I got  a mix of the “Salty Chocolate & Coffee Maple

Salty Chocolate & Coffee Maple

($2.75) Lightly Sweet tasting Chocolate with a Coffee Flavored Sweet Maple Ice cream. AMAZING.. I mean mouth watering delicious.. Never have I tasted any ‘ice cream’ this good. even back 8 years ago when I ate the real deal.. Also got a “ Strawberry Balsamic Kid’s Scoop” ($2.00) Zingy  Strawberries with Fresh ‘ice cream”. A total unique and succulent tasting ‘ice cream’.. oh my oh my so good.. I ADORE you Scoops.. I Will be back.. you are so close to me and so amazing!! Eat Clean and healthy!

Strawberry Balsamic


Peace, Love, and Vegan Scoops,



712 N. Heliotrope Dr.

Los Angeles CA.