Urth Caffe: Santa Monica:)

Urth Caffe

So I’ve heard chat about Urth Caffe from a few different people as well as some TMZ reporting ( apparently Jessica Alba is a frequent visitor). ha. I was just exploring around Santa Monica today when I came across one of their locations( they have 4 in the LA area). I had already eaten but I noticed that they had vegan desserts!! You know I can’t pass up vegan dessert;). But before we get to that let me say the

Blackberry Ice Tea

ambience of this place is warm and inviting, the type of place you’d meet friends for a “brunch” type setting. Huge menu, not vegan but has a lot of vegetable dishes and many vegan options, some great hot coffee drinks, teas and the best some vegan desserts! I started with a “Blackberry Ice Tea” ($2.50) Fresh Brewed Ice Tea with Fresh Blackberry accent. This was a delicious tea.. Im a huge tea drinker so Im always looking for a unique blend and this was it. So refreshing! The vegan dessert that caught my eye today was the “ Vegan Chocolate Cake ($5.25) Layers of Vegan Chocolate Cake filled with a Creamy Chocolate Layer, topped with a Chocolate Shell. I have to say and Im sure you’ll agree, this doubled as a gorgeous piece of art as well as a

Chocolate Cake

decadent dessert. Just a lovely simple and eloquent dessert. Loved it! The feel here is simple and eloquent like I said, a cute little cafe to dine at with friends! Eat clean and Urthy;).

Peace, Love, and Vegan Cake,


Urth Caffe:

2327 Main St.

Santa Monica, CA.