Chef Brooke’s ! Amazing new dishes!

Have to apologize because it has been a while since I last blogged! I’ve been traveling in Europe for the past couple of months and have had limited computer access.. the good news is I have a ton of restaurants to blog about 😉

I thought I would start off today with my favorite place.. the best place to go after being out of the country for a bit.. Chef Brooke’s Natural Cafe in Fort Myers, Fl. I admit, living in LA I don’t get to eat at Chef Brooke’s as much as I’d like ( as in everyday) so it’s a treat when I am in town to go! It seems that everytime I go to Chef Brooke’s she has invented a new amazing dish for me to eat! The creativity is endless. 🙂Image
Chef Brooke alway’s has an amazing specials board along with menu items such as: sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, desserts and even a kids menu! Chef Brooke creates dishes from every culture! I can NEVER pick between the incredible specials she has so she just makes me a plate of what she thinks i’ll like ( and she has never been wrong!) the “Specials Plate“(pic above) ($11.99) Tempeh Salad Cup, BBQ Tofu Melt, Fresh Salad, Beans & Rice, and Falafel. Yep- all of that on one plate= bliss..This plate was spectacular.. I mean everything about it tasted delicious.. The plate is like a piece of art work to be honest..almost to good to eat…*almost* – Fresh, homeade and creative..the best kind of food you can eat.
The next plate up is the “Stuffed Pepper Plate“(pic above) ($11.99) Fresh Yellow Pepper stuffed with a mix of Brooke’s creations. I don’t know everything she put in the pepper but I can tell you it was euphoric. Full of amazing is what it was. Brooke never runs out of new dishes to create! Of course you cannot leave Chef Brooke’s without having a baked good.. I have dreams about her bakery… Faeriecakes, muffins, dream bars, brownies, cookies, and so much more! How does one choose?!
Brooke made one of my favorite’s “Chocolate Pineapple Faeriecake($2.99) Fresh Pineapple Muffin with Chocolate Chips topped with a vegan Frosting. .. This cake is hard to describe because it is as close to Heaven as you can get on earth. I could live the rest of my life just on these 😉 Be sure to stop in for one of the jewels!
Chef Brooke’s Natural Cafe is warm and inviting- the second you walk in the door the intense smell of delicious food hits your nose! Great music, great atmoshphere! Chef Brooke goes above and beyond to make sure everyone leaves happy and full! It’s a great place for lunch or even just for a coffee and baked good! Be sure to check it out!
Chef Brooke’s Natural
1850 Boyscout Drive (#A106) Fort Myers, FL 33907  # 239.332.2433

Chef Brooke’s… If you could have Heaven on would be here!

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I always love when I get to spend some time with one of my favorite people Chef Brooke! Along with getting to eat my *favorite* food Chef Brooke’s Natural Cafe.  A perfect day for me would consist of a relaxing lunch at Brooke’s- that’s why every time I get time to go back to Ft. Myers for a break – I spend everyday there for lunch- not only for the spectacular food but for the lovely company as well! The cafe is quaint, peaceful, and just an all around wonderful environment. Each time I go away and come back it seems that the menu gets better, and better. More creative and delicious then the time before ( which is always a surprise because it was already the best food ever made!) With a diverse menu of organic, healthy homemade salads, soups, wraps, sandwiches, daily specials, pizzas, mexican dishes, and some incredible desserts where else would I ever choose to eat??! Just the thought of Chef Brooke’s puts a smile on my face and a bit of hunger in my belly! My parents had lunch their the other day and sent me a lovely picture- SO jealous! Now onto some goodies at Chef Brooke’s! Every dining experience here is great and Chef Brooke’s ALWAYS adds a little somethin somethin to make it even better. She brought my mom and I a bowl of her “Veggie Chili” ($5.99/bowl) Piping hot Chili with Fresh Vegetables, Squash, Tofu, and flavorful ingredients. I cannot tell you every ingredient that is used in this because their are SO many yummy things going on, it just works, thats what I can say. Generally Veggie Chili is crumbled soy and veggies..which is good but like I said Chef Brooke always adds a little something to make it that much better! This is now my new favorite chili, hands down!!! Next up is something I didn’t have as my menu item ( but I have eaten this at Chef Brooke’s before)  but just had to snap a picture of a review! “Tempeh Pizza” ($11.99) This thick Crusted Pizza, with Fresh Tomato Sauce,Fresh Vegetables, Crumbled Tempeh, and Spices will normally be served with a lovely Green Side Salad. Fabulous taste! I dare you to bring your non vegan friend here to eat this, and say they don’t like it!! Crispy, homemade and amazing!! Another one of the best dishes ( something my momma loves!) is the “Tempeh Reuben ($8.99) Fresh Strips of Tempeh, Vegetables, Reuben Sauce, served with Potato Salad, and Cole Slaw. This sandwich is just heavenly! I don’t even know where to begin!! I will say though- the sauce on this sandwich is the *BEST* sauce I have ever eaten- I order it with *EVERY* dish I get at Brooke’s! The tempeh is seasoned to perfection, and every vegetable Brooke uses always tastes like it was just taken from a fresh garden! YUMM! My normal at Brooke’s is one of her MANY daily specials plates – She makes it kind of “special” for me and puts a bit of everything on there! “Special me plate” ($11.99) Fresh Tamari Tofu, Baked Falafel, Tempeh, served with a side of Beans, a Side Salad, Rice, and Baked Veggies. Where do I begin?!! EVERYTHING on this plate is my favorite- I LOVE that she always makes it with a bit of everything for me to taste- because honestly I can NEVER decide ( but can you blame me???) I would def. recommend getting one of her delicious, creative specials when you go in!! Im going to have to say that the baked goods at Chef Brooke’s will not only entice your eyes but leave your stomach happy forever! Chef Brooke makes delicious Vegan Cookies, Muffins, Faerie Cakes, Gluten Free Muffins, Dream Bars, Vegan Cakes and Crazy Specials like Strawberry Pudding. The Cookies/Muffins/Faerie Cakes/and Dream Bars are around $2.99 each.  ( I put them along in the slide) The “Vegan Dream Bar” Layers of Fresh Vegan Batter, Chocolate, Coconut, and other secret goodies baked to the most amazing bar I’ve ever eaten. This thing will blow your mind- it is THAT good. seriously. wow.  Next up is the “Chocolate Pineapple Muffin” Fresh Batter, with chunks of Pineapple and Chocolate Chips. This muffin is like a pineapple chocolatey pie that just melts in your mouth- leaves you wanting 10 more! MHM. Chef Brooke is also very popular for her “Faeriecakes Fruit Flavored Batter with a Creamy Vegan Icing with fresh Nuts, and Pomegranate Seeds. My mom is in love with these faeriecakes, and for good reason- everything about them is perfection- maybe she will start to sell the icing in a bucket for me;)?? One day she made “Strawberry PuddingMade with Tofu, and fresh Strawberries. I have to admit, Im not a huge fruit pudding person- but this stuff was really, really yummy! Cool and fruity, perfect for a hot day! ( you would never guess it was made with tofu). As I mention Chef Brooke also caters to you Gluten Free folks out there ( although I LOVE the GF food) “Banana Chocolate GF Muffin” ( Fresh Banana made with GF Batter topped with a warm Chocolate Sauce, served with Acai Berries, and Cacao. WOWZERS! The muffin is killer on its own- but putting that chocolate sauce and THEN adding Acai Berries AND Cacao Chips- my word, can it get any better?! Not any better than Chef Brooke’s!! I know that was a lot of reviewing but my blog seemed to delete posts of this food before and it simple has to be known how out of this planet killer Chef Brooke’s and Brooke herself is. You simple HAVE to head there for some grub! Eat Clean!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Chef Brooke’s Natural Cafe:

1850 Boyscout Drive

Fort Myers, FL.


The Jones Eastside: Gainesville!

The Jones Eastside

This summer I was fortunate enough to spend the majority of my time in New Orleans with my family. We ended up driving to Florida towards the end of my stay so I was all over finding some vegan and good on the road trip! The Jones Eastside is a small quaint restaurant in Gainesville serving up regular breakfast items, lunch, dinner, different beverages, but also a lot of vegan choices! One thing that got my attention was the grits! I LOVE LOVE LOVE grits,


honestly I would be satisfied with a nice giant tub of fresh homemade grits :p. Unfortunately “tub of grits” wasn’t a menu option so I decided to try something else;) The “Tempeh Scramble” ($8.95) Wonderfully seasoned Marinated Tempeh Sauteed with Fresh Veggies and drizzled with Toasted Sesame Oil. Served with Grits, Toast, and a side of Fresh Fruit.. What I adore about this dish is that its a tempeh scramble, awesome right? It’s normally a tofu

Tempeh Scramble!

scramble (which they do have) but the tempeh was so great mixed with the fresh vegetables- nothin better!! I don’t even have to tell you how amazing the grits were do I? Fresh, hot, soft fabulous grits! YUM YUM.! This place also had some great vegan desserts but I wasn’t that hungry so I will have to try it next time were driving through Gainesville!:) Great meal, great time with the family ! ❤ Eat Clean!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


The Jones Eastside:


401 NE 23rd Ave.

Gainesville, FL.

(352) 373.6777

Vegan Ice Cream in Fort Myers??

Cool Hand Luc's

So I was pretty stoked when I found a new place in Fort Myers Cool Hand Luc’s that offered up vegan ice cream, sandwiches, salads, soups, and coffees. I wasn’t looking for a new vegan place to eat because when Im in the Fort I eat at Chef Brooke’s Natural Cafe everyday ( because there is no food around


to compare), but she was out of town so I decided to check this new place out for a review! My mom and I arrived right at noon when they opened only to find 1 counter person working. This method may work if we were the only customers except that it was his first day ( alone) and he had no idea where or what anything was..First we’ll

Corn "soup"

discuss food then I will mention the other qualms I had with this place through out  unfortunately. We started off with the “Hummus with Crunchy Pita Chips” ($4.00) Fresh Hummus served with Homemade Pita Chips.UM, except that the new server couldn’t find the pita chips after searching for a while so we had to

Tempeh Pita

settle for torn pita bread (packaged) and veggies. We also wanted to try a cup of the soup of the day  “Corn Chowder” ($ 3.00) Corn Soup. I have to be honest, this tasted like a canned cream of corn you would buy at your local grocery store, on top of that he warmed it in the microwave and it came out cold, to which he said ” if its still cold I

"tempeh" pita

can stick it back in the microwave..” HM not so reassuring. So after our appetizer arrived and we ate it another customer came in and ordered food leaving us waiting for ours quite a while. I understand if your new but we arrived first and you should kindly tell the next customer that your shorthanded and will be right with them.

Ice Cream

He didn’t do that he made there food and shake before even beginning ours. This is now about an hour into our meal waiting…He finally got to ours the “Tempeh Ranch Pita($6.00) Whole Wheat Pita filled with Ranch, Tempeh, Lettuce, and Onion.  While he was warming our tempeh in the microwave he discovered that they only

Vanilla Bean

had enough tempeh for one (what we got was not even enough for one) so we had to choose who got to eat that day. It was basically just a packaged piece of Pita bread with about 2 slices of tempeh and a slab of lettuce. At the end of our meal we were needless to say unsatisfied and felt as if we had only eaten pita bread and corn for our 2 hour

Chocolate Chip Cookie

lunch.. Even after a disaster lunch we still wanted to try the dessert ( seeing as we were still starved) So We tried a mix of Ice Creams ” Oreo Mint, Peanut Butter, and Vanilla Bean($3.25) Fresh Vegan Homemade Ice Cream filled with the different listed ingredients. This stuff was incredible! Fresh and creamy- YUM! We also decided to get a “Chocolate Chip Cookie” ($1.50) Homemade Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie. This was one of the best cookies I’ve eaten. It was warm and gooey, just perfect. YUM! I think that the ice cream and the cookies were the only thing at Cool Hand Luc’s that was homemade and not microwaved or packaged.  I really wanted to LOVE this place and I will say the desserts were yummy BUT the food was simple, cheap, and cold and the customer service or lack of was simply unacceptable. The only thing I would go for would be the ice cream. Maybe Cool Hand Luc’s should add another hand to help out with the custom service next time..

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Cool Hand Luc’s:


2040 Collier Ave.

Fort Myers, FL.


A few of my favorite things…

Hummus Tabouley ($8.99)

Most of my readers know or will see on my blog what a huge fan I am of Chef Brooke’s Natural Cafe in Fort Myers FL. I’ve reviewed her amazing food numerous times ( which you can take a look at here) and I have NEVER walked away disappointed ( honestly, I walk away amazed that food can taste THAT good).. I’ve been eating Brooke’s amazing food for years- and she still surprises me with her

Raw Crackers!

creations! Her menu is extensive and full of healthy goodness! I love everything she puts in front of me so I thought I would review a couple of unique creations from Chef Brooke:) To begin one of the best dishes to order for an appetizer is the “Hummus Tabouley Platter” ($8.99) Homemade Hummus ( in this case RAW HUMMUS) with fresh Tabouley seasoned perfectly, served with Crudites and

Chocolate Faerie Cake ($2.99)

RAW Crackers. The raw hummus has the most delicious taste ever! Nothing I have ever eaten compares to this stuff, it is addictive .. I could eat a bowl of this hummus with a giant spoon, but Chef Brooke takes it a step further.. Having the normal (incredibly fresh) crudites ..she also makes her own RAW crackers.. Spectacular is the word that comes to mind.. Crisp and flavorful. A cracker with the

Chocolate Pineapple Muffin ($2.99)

raw hummus is my bread and butter simply put. except much healthier;) Chef Brooke is also quite talented when it comes to the baked goods..mhmm. A popular treat is the “Chocoalte Faerie Cake” ($2.99) Vegan Vanilla Cupcake Covered in Chocolate Frosting. Melt in your mouth scrumptious. I have no idea how she makes that frosting taste SO yummy, but keep it coming! After eating one of these cupcakes my mom and I both agreed we could have eaten the whole batch;) Next is the “ Chocolate Pineapple Muffin”($2.99) Fresh Vegan Batter with Grain Sweetened Chocolate Chips and Fresh Cut Pineapple. Chef Brooke always gets creative and changes the flavorings..sometimes berries, different nuts, chocolate, fruits.. always something delicious. This pineapple one is no exception- gooey, fresh, juicy pineapple.. mhmmmmm.. I love and adore Chef Brooke and her Cafe.. SO you  MUST MUST stop in !! Eat Clean!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Chef Brooke’s Natural Cafe:

1850 Boy Scout Drive

Fort Myers Fl.


Loving Hut:

"Summer Roll Deluxe" ($3.75)

Today for lunch me and the parents decided to head to Loving Hut in Cape Coral for a bit of vegan asian eating:) Loving Hut offers numerous appetizers like summer rolls, wontons, and tempura, along with fantastic entrees of stir fried noodles, rice dishes, sandwiches, a few desserts, and some creative entrees to dine

"Mushroom Caviar"($5.25)

on as well. The menu is so extensive that we couldn’t decide what to get, so we got a few things..(some of which have been previously reviewed here) One of the great things about Loving Hut is that it is so inexpensive and you get the perfect amount of food. Let’s start off with one of the two appetizers we tried today:) “Summer Roll

"Fabulous Pho" ($7.25)

Deluxe” ($3.75) Rice Paper Wrapped with Salad, Shiitake Mushrooms, Carrots, Vegan Protein Meat, Jicama, Cucumber. These rolls were tasty to say the least! I loved the thick pieces of protein buried inside with the crunchy bite of lettuce. mhm good:) Secondly we got an appetizer that my dad really wanted to try, but

"Au Lac Crepe" ($6.55)

to be honest didn’t sound that appetizing to me or my mom. “ Mushroom Caviar” ($5.25) Mushroom Sesame, Soy Meat Saute in a Chef’s Grill Sauce, Served with Crackers. It’s not only me right? I mean Mushroom Caviar at Vegan asian restaurant doesn’t really go together right?!? How wrong was I!! This was

"A Taste of Heaven" ($7.95)

one of the best dishes ordered today.. The mushrooms were so flavorful and a great juice soy meat mixed in.. super good, we almost ordered another. ha Next up was the “Fabulous Pho” ($7.25) Rice Noodles, Tofu, Protein Meat, White Mushroom, Served in a Vegetable Broth. Im not a huge noodle soup person but I was pleasantly surprised by this pho;) It reminded me of a ramen noodle soup with fresh herbs. MHM. every last drip was slurped.:) Next up is a unique menu item in my opinion, “ Au Lac Crepe” ($6.55) Rice Flour, Portabella, Tofu, Soy Meat, Cabbage, Served with Salad, Mint, and Special Sauce. Once again another good surprise from Loving Hut.. A crisp crepe with fresh flavored mushrooms and soy meat.. yummy! The Special Sauce was a little tangy and sweet at the same time.. which was just a perfect topping to the crepe! Lastly, we decided to try the special for today ” A Taste of Heaven”($7.95) Pineapple, Yellow Squash, Bell Pepper, Broccoli, Pea, Cabbage, Mushroom, Tofu Saute in Chef Sauce. Served with Brown Rice & Salad. I love cooked pineapple, so I had high hopes for this dish and I wasn’t let down at all:) I enjoyed this sweet and sour flavored meal. Nice on the taste buds:) I just realized writing this that the theme today was mushrooms.. not a bad theme if you ask me:) Well thats all eat Clean and Healthy..

Loving Hut:

1918 Del Prado Blvd.

Cape Coral FL.


Chef Brookes Natural Cafe: *perfection*

"Split Pea Soup" ($5.99/bowl)

So stopped in to the most delicious cafe around today for lunch! Chef Brooke is one of the kindest around and Im glad to call her a friend! Lizzy works alongside Brooke at the cafe and always has a warm inviting smile on her face! They makes coming to Florida a delight! I have never eaten anything that Chef Brooke has created that I didn’t absolutely love! Her food is healthy, fresh, organic, and

"Faerie Cake"($2.99)

always surprises the palate! She is just as much of an artist as a chef because her food is gorgeous! The cafe offers Breakfast, Baked Goods, Wraps, Sandwiches, Soups, Smoothies, Vegan Food, Hot Drinks, and different inventions by Brooke!:). Today we got to try something new from Chef Brooke “Vegan Split Pea Soup” ($5.99/bowl) Freshly Flavored Vegan take on Classic Split Pea. This was delicious! It’s always great to see how Brooke can take a classic food and make it her own! The split pea soup was so flavorful and cooked just to perfection! LOVED this soup! …Be warned the next item reviewed may cause drool, and hunger;) “Peanut Butter and Jelly Berry Faerie Cake” ($2.99) Classic Faerie Cake with Fresh Peanut Butter and Jelly oozing inside, topped with a Peanut Butter Frosting and Raspberries” OH MY WORD I don’t know how to describe this piece of Heaven.. as if it isn’t pretty enough to look at, the taste is divine! It really melts in your mouth… I have no idea how Brooke manages to make food taste THIS good, but she always does.. i am NEVER disappointed! I can’t say this enough but you have to make a trip to Chef Brookes in Fort Myers.. 🙂 Eat Clean and Healthy ( and at brookes) !

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Chef Brookes Natural Cafe:

1850 Boys Scout Drive

Fort Myers FL.


*Chef Brooke is now at the Fort Myers Green Market on Saturdays*

Chef Brookes Natural Cafe:



Moroccan Stew

So down here in Fl. visiting until Monday.. On it’s own Fort Myers is not exactly the most exciting place to be…that was until Chef Brookes opened up:) I’ve been looking forward to being back to see Brooke and her lovely staff and eat that scrumptious food for a while! She always makes something special and unique… her food is as much an art piece as it is a meal.. So back to the review before I start watering at the mouth here;) Today I ordered one of the many specials she changes up each day! the ” Moroccan Stew Plate” ($10.99?) Thick pieces of Seitan in an amazing spicey sauce served with a salad, squash, and guac. I adore this stew. It is one of my favorite dishes that Brooke makes! So much flavor and freshness! I also have to mention her homemade salad dressing.. I have no idea what Brooke puts in this but it is addictive! Chef Brookes offers deliciously healthy smoothies, muffins ( Vegan, GF available), Daily Specials, Juices, and lots and lots of love put into everything!  This place is a must on your list of eateries:) Thanks for another delicious meal Brooke!  Eat clean and healthy!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Chef Brookes Natural Cafe:

1850 Boyscout Drive.

Fort Myers Fl.


Chef Brookes Natural Cafe: Ft. Myers Fl.

Vegan Mac N Cheese ( GF*)

I’ve written a few reviews on Chef Brookes in Fort Myers Fl, but this dish Im going to review tasted so delicious it became a necessity to review it to let you all know what your missing! 😉 Macaroni and cheese a comforting all american dish.. kids, adults, teens who doesn’t love it? Well for vegans or maybe those of you who just don’t enjoy cheese we miss out on this delicacy..until now friends… Vegan Mac N “Cheese“( gluten free*) : Brown rice pasta cooked perfectly topped with “cheese” but no, not your typical boring soy cheese you would normally find at another vegan joint. Chef Brooke has taken it further with much more creativity.. The “cheese” is actually made from roasted yellow squash and delicious herbs-homemade. I can honestly say this is one of the best things ever to hit my tongue . Hot and comforting just the way mac n cheese should be. A healthy vegan and gluten free take on a classic, and let me tell you a successful one at that! Chef Brooke offers different specials everyday along with fresh baked goods, and smoothies.. I can’t say if you stop in that you’ll catch her making the mac n cheese but maybe you can put in a request – tell her I sent you;)
Alrighty eat clean and healthy kids:)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Chef Brookes Natural Cafe:
1850 Boyscout Drive
Fort Myers Fl.
Hours: Mon- Sat. 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Check it out:)

Chef Brookes Natural Cafe.: Before you read just look at the picture and enjoy its beauty:)

Today and everyday since I’ve been in Fort Myers for a visit I’ve gone to my favorite cafe:) Had some amazing food and great desserts of course. Today Chef Brooke out did herself ( once again) . She made me a special Goodbye for now cake.. As if the picture doesn’t say enough I’ll tell you what it consisted of. Vegan of course.. Pineapple, Raspberry, Goji Berries, topped off with a vegan Chocolate Sauce.. I think this cake was the most amazing thing I’ve ever put in my mouth- but I wouldn’t put it past Chef Brooke to surprise my mouth again next time I visit. This simply melts in your mouth but has a little chew with the pineapple and then the gooey raspberries and chocolate. absolutely perfect. I have to be honest I’ve tasted some amazing vegan food in many different places and nothing compares to this cake of perfection. Chef Brooke puts so much work and love into everything she bakes and cooks. One of the most kind hearted people I know and Im glad to call her a friend. The fact that her food is amazing makes it all that much better. 🙂

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,

Chef Brookes Natural Cafe
1850 Boy Scout Drive
Ft Myers Fl.
(239) 332-2433

Visit her Website:

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