The Jones Eastside: Gainesville!

The Jones Eastside

This summer I was fortunate enough to spend the majority of my time in New Orleans with my family. We ended up driving to Florida towards the end of my stay so I was all over finding some vegan and good on the road trip! The Jones Eastside is a small quaint restaurant in Gainesville serving up regular breakfast items, lunch, dinner, different beverages, but also a lot of vegan choices! One thing that got my attention was the grits! I LOVE LOVE LOVE grits,


honestly I would be satisfied with a nice giant tub of fresh homemade grits :p. Unfortunately “tub of grits” wasn’t a menu option so I decided to try something else;) The “Tempeh Scramble” ($8.95) Wonderfully seasoned Marinated Tempeh Sauteed with Fresh Veggies and drizzled with Toasted Sesame Oil. Served with Grits, Toast, and a side of Fresh Fruit.. What I adore about this dish is that its a tempeh scramble, awesome right? It’s normally a tofu

Tempeh Scramble!

scramble (which they do have) but the tempeh was so great mixed with the fresh vegetables- nothin better!! I don’t even have to tell you how amazing the grits were do I? Fresh, hot, soft fabulous grits! YUM YUM.! This place also had some great vegan desserts but I wasn’t that hungry so I will have to try it next time were driving through Gainesville!:) Great meal, great time with the family ! ❤ Eat Clean!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


The Jones Eastside:


401 NE 23rd Ave.

Gainesville, FL.

(352) 373.6777