Homemade: Kelp Salad. MHM

Kelp Noodles & Smart Strips

So I love to eat out ( which you can see by my blog) but on occasion I like to whip up something simple and delicious in the kitchen! Today I decided to make a “Kelp Salad” Fresh Kelp Noodles, with ‘Steak Strips, Mixed Vegetables, and a Tamari and Pepper Flavoring. This dish is so simple and low calorie.. Kelp Noodles($4.99 per pack) are healthy and essentially 18 calories

Finished Product

for a huge pack ( they come already prepared raw so you dont have to cook them) Then you add  a pack of  “Smart Strips Steak”(3.99 per pack) : *You can find both items at Wholefoods or most other health food stores*. Then a mixed bag of “Vegetables” Fresh broccoli, Zucchini, Carrots, Spinach Leaves, and mixed Peppers. This dish totals about 400 calories, and like 1 gram of healthy

Raw Kelp Noodles!

fat. SUPER delicious, a great raw dish!! Try it out friend:)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food at home,