"The Magnus" ($9.25)

Cole Slaw ($3.00)

So today I made the trek over to Brooklyn ( which I don’t go to often) to try a vegan cafe called “Boneshakers”. ¬†Boneshakers is located in Greenpoint in a kind of industrial area.. I was surprised at it’s location because there really isn’t to much going on around it. Its the type of place you would have to know about or I doubt you would just come across it.. But me being the vegan restaurant enthusiast that I am googled and found it:) Boneshakers offers breakfast items such as the “sag sandwich” ( faux egg and sausage on a kaiser roll/bagel or croissant) as well as granola and simple soy yogurt.. I stopped in for lunch because they have some very interesting sandwiches, desserts, and salads, along with some delicious ice teas. Today I started off with a “Raspberry Ice Tea” ($3.00) A refreshing tea with a fruity raspberry flavor. delightful. I also decided to try one of the baked goods ( they only had scones and breakfast pastries because I arrived a bit early) “The Chocolate Scone” ($2.75) Vegan batter with Vegan Chocolate Chips. I wasn’t overly impressed with the scone ( I left most of it) I like my scones a certain consistency and this just didn’t feel like your normal vegan scone.. But it was ok.. ( I hear the cookies are the best). Then I ordered one of there many sandwiches “The Magnus($9.25) Homemade Veggie Patty, Tempeh Bacon, Chipotle Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato, Sprouts, on a Toasted Rosemary Foccacia ( which I requested Whole grain toast for, they were very flexible in my order). ¬†A delicious sandwich! I loved the homemade patty. It tasted so fresh and had a wonderful smooth consistency! Loaded with veggies and sprouts ( love sprouts) with a slightly spice mayo. I really enjoyed this sandwich! Freshly made and brought to the table. YUM! I also ordered a side of “Cole Slaw” ($3.00) Red and Green Cabbage with shredded Carrots in a Vegan Mayo Slaw Sauce.” Let me start of by saying that they give you a HUGE bowl! Generally I expect a “side” to be a small portion but I couldn’t finish this bowl! Great big pieces of cabbage! I absolutely love cabbage so this was fantastic! . . As a whole I can’t really say that I will return to Boneshakers..I might have to, just to try the other interestingly named sandwiches.. My only qualm about this place is the location, a bit in the middle of no where. It reminded me of a louder more messy ‘Snice…. So im a little mixed about going back… But if you want to try some interesting good vegan food then head on down to Brooklyn Town:) Eat Clean!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,



134 Kingsland Ave.

Brooklyn NY.