Cibo: Kudos to JFK for bringin it in for the vegans:)

Cibo Express

So while waiting at JFK today for my flight to LA, I came across one of many “Cibo” snack stores located in Terminal 8 of JFK International. There are “Cibo’s” and “Cibo Expresses” located throughout JFK ( in the domestic flight area as well). My flight departed at 6:30 a.m. (as I write this fighting the urge to go to shut my eyes and go to sleep) so I was at the airport a bit to early to be dining on a big meal.. I simply wanted to highlight the fact and offer big kudos to the fact  that JFK’s “Cibo” stores now offer a great vegan selection.  ( LGA airport also offers the same selection at the “Cibo’s” there, but today I flew out of JFK). While looking around the small market place I

Soba Noodles

found a great selection of the “Eco Meal” product line.. They also offer a variety of Vegan sandwiches, Snack Plates, and even Desserts( also options for those of you out there on a Gluten Free Diet!):) This item is a “BuckWheat Soba Noodle DishBuckWheat Noodles Mixed with Vegetables in a Savory Soy Sauce. This is a great dish, offering up the whole grains, and veggies, and some protein mixed in as well. Easy to buy and carry on flight! Just a quick review offering my thanks to the NYC area airports ( and others around the world) for supplying something for us vegans to eat while we wait for our flights!:) Eat Clean and Healthy..even when you travel:)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Cibo Express:

JFK Terminal 8

New York NY.