Cocoa V:

Cocoa V

Cocoa V is the only 100% Vegan and Organic Chocolate and Dessert Bistro in NYC. Located in the artsy area of Chelsea they offer a complete line of bon bons, truffles, bark, bars and baked goods. Cocoa V is owned by one of the co -founders of the Blossom

Vegan Chocolates

restaurants in NYC, which are amazing…so why not open up a chocolate place?! ┬áDear Willy Wonka, watch your back..the vegans are taking over:D Alright so let us begin.. I loved the atmosphere of this chocolate boutique. Quaint little cafe tables, and a

Tea and Scone

case gallery filled with hand made vegan chocolates and baked goods… Enticing to my eyes to say the least. The staff at Cocoa V are some of the most kind staff I have come across in all of my vegan tastings. I am not a big “candy” person ( although this is good vegan chocolate) but I can’t pass up a healthy vegan baked good. I ordered the “Chocolate Hazelnut Scone” ($3.50) Thick Batter with Chocolate Chips and Crunchy bites of Hazelnut. This scone was just fantastic! Accompanied by a hot cup of green tea.. nothing could have been better on a cold day…

Chocolate Hazelnut Scone ($3.5)

Delightful, freshly made and baked to perfection! I am always so impressed by the staff, food and service at all of the “Blossom” chains.. You cannot go wrong… Cocoa V also serves up some delicious vegan cheese and chocolate plates so head on down to Chelsea and check it out!:)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Cocoa V:
174 9th Avenue

New York NY.