Curly’s: NYC

Curlys on East 14th street between 1/2 avenue. So far I would have to say my least favorite.. We started off with BBQ Tempeh “ribs” the tempeh itself was good but the sauce wasn’t that fabulous. Then we split a cobb salad and Soy mexican wrap with a chipotle hot sauce on top. The wrap was Extremely good but the salad and “ribs” werent anything worth going back for.. I do have to say though the wrap was pretty delicious. They don’t have any sugar free vegan desserts so we decided to get some yogurt at my favorite little shop in Union Square.. Overall I wouldn’t recommend Curly’s since their are so many other good options in the city!:)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,



328 East 14th St.

New York NY.