Carrot Ginger Soup


So today after church I decided to go asian and try a little place a few blocks away. Ozu offers vegan food ( as well as some fish) made naturally and prepared without dairy products or refined sugars. They have a wide variety of wholesome dishes, sushis, and desserts. Each day until 4 p.m. they offer a lunch box special for $13.50 which includes an entree, two appetizers, brown rice, and soup! I decided to order that and to start for my soup I got “Carrot Ginger” Pureed Carrots mixed

Almost Perfect ( with Appetizers)

with fresh Ginger and put together as a soup. For my appetizers I got “Edamame” Your basic Soybean in a pod, which Im a big fan of as well as “ Summer Rolls”Basil, Tofu, Thin Rice Noodles, and Cucumbers, wrapped in Rice paper. Served with a Peanut Sauce. This was probably the best thing I ate at Ozu, very thick rolls oozing with fresh veggies and tofu! “Almost Perfect” Hijiki, Kale, Collards, and Tofu Stir Fried in Carrot Garlic Sauce served with Brown

Seitan ($6)

Rice. This was a pretty good dish. Not a giant burst of flavors going on but all in all very healthy and good. I also got an order of the “Broiled Seitan with Burdock Sauce” ($6.00) Broiled Strips of Seitan in a Burdock Sauce filled with Bean Sprouts and Carrots. I really liked this Seitan, it had a crunchy outside which I really enjoyed.. The Burdock Sauce comes out like a bowl of soup but it was delicious! They give fantastic portions here! Ozu is a restaurant for the seasoned healthy eater.. I don’t think new vegans or people who don’t appreciate different tastes will enjoy Ozu… But thats just my 2 cents take it or leave it:) Eat Clean and Healthy:)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,





566 Amsterdam Ave.

New York NY.