Vegan Marshmallows? I think so!

pure Heaven.

Let me start this post with asking- who doesn’t love a good smore? or perhaps marshmallows in your hot chocolate? what about peeps at easter? or those lovely rice crispy treats we all indulged in as kids? All of these things us vegans miss out on because of gelatin in normal marshmallows!:( Now the good news; Sweet and Sara! Sweet and Sara is ┬áthe original manufacurer of 100% gelatin free, vegetarian & vegan marshmallows, and they are dang good. They have numerous products such as ; Easter Peeps, Rice Crispy Treats, Macaroons, Biscottis’s, Mini

Peanut Butter Smores.

Marshmallows, Vanilla Marshmallows, Coconut Marshmallows, Original Smores, Peanut Butter Smores, Rocky Road Bark, Cinnamon Pecan Marshmallows, and Strawberry Marshmallows. Their products can be ordered online or can be found at your local Whole Foods or possibly a health market in your town ). I was fortunate enough to attend the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival this past Sunday and I was a frequent visitor at their booth and got to try most all of these goodies! EVERY single thing that I tried knocked my socks off. I have never tasted ANY

Original Smores.

marshmallow vegan or non this delicious. The owner was super sweet as well. always had a smile on:)! My favorite of all the goodies was the “Peanut Butter Smores” ($3.95) Fresh Marshmallow with Graham Cracker, Chocolate and Peanut Butter. absolutely the best marshmallow ever created! I could have eaten 20 of these babies! MHM Another great one was the “Original Smores” ($3.95) Marshmallow with a base of Graham Cracker Crust, and Chocolate on top. This one was scrumptious, just brings you right around the camp fire again! Perfection:) Sweet and Sara you are amazing- vegan would be lost without you!

Peace, Love, and Marshmallows,


Sweet & Sara:

Long Island City NY.