Health Nuts

So this is a post long overdue by a couple of years.ha. A post about a place down under with great healthy vegan food. Health Nuts in Sydney Australia (Kings Cross) offers, fresh foods, smoothies, muffins, desserts, fruits, and hot drinks along with being a healthy little grocery store. Being a vegan this place was a God send while in Australia. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of all of the great things I ate, but I do have a picture of a yummy Apricot Muffin. Soft batter, fresh organic, crunchy bite of apricot. Also this fruit type cake that was simply divine! This along with everything I tasted in the store was fantastic. The owners of the shop bake everything fresh everyday and even have a garden at home they grow the fruit in! Some of the kindest owners I’ve met. They really made this trip so much better! Eat clean overseas 🙂

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Health Nuts: ( sorry no website, guess you’ll have to go to Sydney to check it out;)}

Shop TG04 Darlinghurst Rd.

Kings Cross, NSW 2011

# 04 3108 2636