Vegan in Vegas?? heck yes!

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A few weeks ago I made my first trip to Las Vegas! I feel like Vegas is a place that everyone will have to go at least once in their life time.. So I did! I met up with my parents there for a couple of days of fun and R&R. I already knew before going that Pure Vida Bakery & Bystro was the vegan place to be while in Vegas:) Pure Vida is Las Vegas’ first and only 100% Vegan joint…and they have crazy good food! First off it’s a cute small place just a bit off the “Strip” and from the second we walked in we were taken care of and treated the best! Such a sweet and caring staff! They have a HUGE case of baked goods, a special board, lunch entrees, breakfast dishes, and drinks! It was a brunch day so we decided to do brunch foods:) The baked goods looked SO yummy that we decided to start with a “Banana Chocolate Muffin” ($4.95) Fresh Banana Batter with Chocolate Chips baked inside.This muffin

was HUGE! Full of fresh banana and gooey chocolate- it was SO good! We then decided to do a little spit type deal. The first dish was “The Wow ($10.99) A huge plate of “Cheese” quesadilla pieces, Seitan Sausage, Tofu Scramble, and Seasoned Potatoes. So much amazing food! Everything was delish! Hot, fresh, flavorful!! We also got “The Sampler” ($12.99) A sample of breakfast dishes including: Tofu Scramble, Potatoes, Bean Dip, Quesadillas. It also includes Waffles and Pancakes. I LOVED every single thing about this dish- how great to have a menu item that gives you a piece of it all! Filling and healthy nothing sinful about this good for you food!- favorite!! Pure Vida is one of the best places I’ve eaten, I am totally heading back to Vegas just for Pure Vida! If you ever hit Sin City be sure to give Pure Vida a try- you won’t be sorry! Eat Clean even in the city of sin! 🙂

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Pure Vida Bakery & Bystro:

1236 Western Avenue

Las Vegas, NV 89102

(702) 722-0108