O! Vegasm.. 100% vegan brunch in NOLA.. I THINK SO!

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I discovered this place on a whim of google searching one day. I was almost sure I had found every place in New Orleans that offered some vegan food when O! Vegasm popped up. This is a 100% Vegan Brunch a couple of cool cat vegans have just recently started up . One of the Chefs, John Morales also bakes up some delicious vegan baked goods and distributes them to a few cafes in the area as well ( way to spread the vegan love!)I have got to start by saying that these chefs are some of the most creative and daring in the vegan cooking biz .. i mean 100% Vegan brunch in NOLA.. hardcore for sure! They currently are hosting their brunch at Grits Bar (edgy) and switch up the brunch items every week (SUNDAYS), with some of the craziest dishes ever ..Things like; Pineapple Upsidedown Pancakes with Sweet Cashew Cream, Fried Green Tomatoes, Homemade English Muffins with Cream Cheese, Tuscan Scramble, O! Lasagna!, Strawberry Pancakes with Orange Blossom Basil Syrup, and SO MUCH MORE! (Check the FB Link below for a weekly menu!) My mom and I stopped in a little bit late one day (around 2) so a lot of the items were sold out BUT the lady was so sweet that she gave us a sampler plate for *free* and asked us to come back! Each week for $15.00 you get a HUGE plate of food that is worth so much more! The sample plate we got included “Homemade English Muffins with a Cream Cheese Spread”, “Polenta Cake”, “Tofu Sausage Patties”,” Tofu/Seitan Scramble”, and “Fried Green Tomatoes“.. OH MY GOODNESS , SO much but just spectacular. ALL Homemade, fresh, and vegan!! The only  100% vegan place in New Orleans and they are killin’ it!! The chefs are super sweet as well, really into giving back and sharing the love!! Cannot wait to get back to New Orleans to hit Grits for an O! Vegasm brunch!!


Peace, Love, and Vegan Brunch,


O! VEGASM: (at Grits Bar:)

530 Lyons St.

New Orleans, LA.



Snoballs Etc. ; Snowballs= a *must* in New Orleans!

Ice Heaven 🙂

Snowballs are a cheap, simple idea that rock my world. It is just shaved ice with a syrup of your choice. In my case I go for the sugar free. They have a ton of flavors strawberry ( my personal favorite) , sour apple, wedding cake, ice cream, cherry, you name it they make it! They also have some fabulous sugar free flavors like; pina colada, pineapple, cajun prailine, coconut, cherry, strawberry, and so much more! I always get the “20 ounce Strawberry & Cajun Prailine Mix($2.00) Freshly shaved ice with Sugar Free Strawberry Syrup & Cajun Prailine. NEVER have a tasted such a yummy snowball! I love these, I totally stopped in twice a day for one:):) My parents and I both agree that strawberry is the winner here, BUT the Cajun Prailine paired with it is pure snowball heaven!! You have to get one if you make it down to New Orleans!

Peace, Love, and Snowballs,


Snoballs Etc.

*numerous snowball stands found everywhere in New Orleans.*

Slim Goodie’s Diner:

Slim Goodies!

Slim Goodie’s Diner is a “greasy spoon” type place, located on Magazine Street in the Garden District of the great New Orleans. At first glance you wouldn’t think this would be a place to find anything vegan, and yet we have! As far as vegan goes the options are pretty much as follows; oatmeal, grits, fruit, a tofu scramble dish, a vegan burger, chili, soups, salads,hash browns, soy milk, and some tempeh bacon! That is a lot being in New Orleans! 🙂 My mom and I dined here and since it was early we decided to try

Vegan Slammer..

their version of the ever so classic ( in the vegan world that is) ‘tofu scramble’. We got the “Vegan Slammer” ($8.50) Hash Browns, Tofu Scramble, & Smoked Tempeh Bacon smothered with Veggie Chili.  I would say that slammer was the


most appropriate word for this dish! It was pretty good, we split it because it was VERY filling! It was hot and the chili and bacon were fantastic! The Tofu was a little soft for my liking but overall a good breakfast. Im also a HUGE lover of grits, so after finding out that they were vegan I had to have me some! “Grits ($1.25) Huge bowl of steaming hot Grits topped with fresh ground Pepper.  They made a fresh batch and it was a giant amount! I adore grits with fresh pepper, so these were killer!! YUM! It was all pretty delicious, just keep in mind more of a ‘hearty’ type vegan breakfast!! Eat Slim;)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Slim Goodie’s Diner:

3322 Magazine St.

New Orleans, LA.


daily 6 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Vegan down in Nawlins’ ;


This past week I’ve been back in New Orleans( my native state) visiting my parents and pup, and of course I had to “try” to find some vegan goodies to enjoy in the city. Obviously when most people think of New Orleans ‘vegan’ isn’t the first word that comes to mind.. Seafood, Fried, Beignets, sweets? yes, but vegan..ha. I did a bit of research before heading down and had a couple of places in mind to try ( no restaurants in NOLA are vegan but some very vegan

Organic Fresh Fruit!

friendly). My mom and I decided to try this cafe that I had found called “Surrey’s Cafe & Juice Bar”. Situated in the quaint Lower Garden District on historic Magazine Street in New Orleans, Surrey’s offers up great breakfast, lunch, and brunch dishes. They are not totally vegan but have some yummy options like; tofu scramble, oatmeal, soy milk, fruit plates, veggie po boys, tofu sandwiches, and lovely organic juices. To start off we got a sample of the fresh squeezed OJ and it was killer-


so fresh and chilled. YUM! For our meal we got the “Cup of Fruit($4.00) Seasonal Fruit which included; Banana, Pineapple, Grapes, and Melon. Great portion for the fruit and some of the freshest fruit I’ve ever had. Then we decided to split two menu items the first being the “Oatmeal” ($4.00) Fresh Oats cooked and served with Brown Sugar, and Fruit. What a huge portion for only $4! It was really delicious to. It was cooked just right, and served with some soy milk! I

Tofu Breakfast Platter

love a great bowl of oatmeal!! Then we had to try the “Tofu Breakfast Platter” ($7.75) Soy & Ginger Marinated Tofu Sauteed with Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, and Onions. Served with Brown Rice.  This could have passed as a “tofu stir fry” but it worked for breakfast as well! Wonderful flavors!; I don’t know what they did to it but it was so good, I ate every bite!! YUMMY! So happy to see New Orleans offering up some vegan goodies for us! Surrey’s is a must if your in New Orleans, even if you just want a fresh organic juice! Eat clean and green folks!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Surrey’s Cafe & Juice Bar:

1418 Magazine St.

New Orleans, LA.