Cafe Blossom: NYC

So had church today which was great- had to hurry after the gym because my arm makes me take longer. ha. BUT I made it in time then went over to Blossom for lunch! Tried a new sandwhich. “Soy Bacon Burger” topped with tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and chipotle aioli with some cole slaw. HUGE! Also got some really good charred brussel sprouts. they were really good:) This is one of the best sandwiches to order here at Blossom. A healthy version of a cheeseburger with some crunchy soy bacon! YUMM .


Wild Ginger: NYC

Got to grab Wild Ginger for lunch today on Broome Street not to far from babycakes actually;) how convenient 🙂 Cute little chinese vegan restaurant not far from China town – so the ambience was set. I got the Summer rolls to start all raw and so good. then the Mango Soy Protein with fresh mango in a plum sauce with zucchini sugar snap peas, peppers and onions. accompanied by a small green salad with carrot ginger dressing and a hot cup of Ginger tea. Amazing freshly made food. Definitely recommend it if you want some healthy chinese food:) Enjoy the pictures!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,
Wild Ginger:
380 Broome Street
New York NY.

Candle Cafe……

So today I went back to Candle Cafe on the Upper East Side.. One of my favorite spots for lunch:)

Tried something new today.. the Cajun Seitan Sandwhich with a side of coleslaw. Really amazing with onions, lettuce and tempeh bacon.. sided with a vegan aioli mayo ( which was so good I could have eaten a container 😉 }} Also had a nice hot cup of green tea on a cold day. Both amazing.. 5 stars for sure:) Nothing else really new at the moment.. just thought I would give a quick review:)
Peace and Love

Caravan of Deams: NYC

So I got Caravan of Dreams for lunch today 🙂 Super good! Got the Caravan Burrito with a hot cup of tea. The burrito is huge and comes with brown rice ( i got quinoa instead) blanched veggies, salsa, and an almond “sour cream” all vegan of course, served with a small salad. Very fresh and delicious, all organic of course:) Then I got a raw cacao fudge bar.. really good.. light and delicious:) so thats my little review of Caravan for today, tried something new and it was delicious. Deciding where to hit tomorrow.. hmmm..

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,

Sacred Chow: NYC

So today, the snow has pummeled the city, and the wind continues to blow.. it seems to be getting worse now.. Anyway I decided to brave the snow after hitting the gym and head over to “Sacred Chow” on Sullivan Street near Washington Square park.. Thank God for the subway systems in this weather:) It was a nice little trip.. then I got to Sacred Chow and I ordered 1/2 a seitan hoagie on wheat bread, and 1/2 caesar salad with tempeh strips.. then I got a sinner bar this was the most amazing “dessert” I’ve ever put in my mouth. also got a macaroon and a “jammie” pretty good stuff there! they have so many options on there menu.. mouth watering yum! Then I headed over to Union Square and went to wholefoods then took a cab home.. 🙂 It was a nice day!:) Glad to be inside from the snow warm and cozy! 🙂

Cafe Blossom: NYC

So today I went to Blossom Cafe on the Upper West Side.. right near the museum. Its an amazing little vegan organic restaurant:) The staff was really nice and the food was amazing! Of course I had to try their caesar salad which was awesome and I got some BBQ seitan over a Jicama and Carrot shred. Both were SOOO good. After I took home a couple of raw granola cookies which were just as good! Love this little cafe – definitely will go back!

Candle Cafe: NYC

I went to another vegan place the other day ” Candle Cafe or Candle 79) on 3rd and 75th street on the Upper East Side.. It was really really good, nice service, great food, amazing vegan cookies I got a caesar salad with tempeh bacon and some cornbread with a carrot miso spread then some cookies to bring back:):):) So have some work to do a few pictures of the vegan goodies:)

Candle Cafe

75th and 3rd

New York NY

Peacefood Cafe: NYC

So this week has been really great.. my mom was up visiting so we just ran around the city and tried a new vegan restaurant everyday.. and found the best of the best:) Today since she left we went back to an old favorite Peacefood on the Upper West Side for a little breakfast, but not before stopping in at Cafe Lola for a hot drink on 83rd:) Great morning:) Today we got a soy mocha drink, then split a caesar tempeh salad, and tofu scramble.. then got a chocolate ganache “Cake” and “caramel “Cheesecake” ( of course all vegan and no sugar.. amazing they make stuff this good:)} So any who.. the week has officially ended and now its back to reality– sometimes I think life would be more fun if it was all play and no work. sound good?