Soy and Sake:

So for lunch today we decided to go asian today and hit Soy and Sake in the west village.. A huge restaurant ( in nyc standards anyways) filled with quaint little tables and a big fish tank in the middle ( poor little fish). ¬†They have a huge menu with vegan sushi, noodle dishes, rice dishes, appetizers, rolls, and great vegan meats! I was a little confused with the service to be honest we were rushed in and had basically 3 different servers… Anywho back to the food.. As an appetizer we ordered “Summer Rolls” ($6.00) 3 fresh rolls with lettuce, mint,cilantro,cucumbers,and grilled soy chicken served with sweet chili sauce” These were amazing! So thick and juicy with all of those fantastic herbs. YUM! They offer lunch specials everyday from 12-4.. We got one special, which also includes an appetizer ( if you can call it that, it’s tiny if its for two). We first got the ” General Tso’s Chicken with Rice ($7.00) Ginger Marinated seitan sauteed with carrots, mushrooms, celery and peppers served with a side of brown rice.” This was a great dish, It was slightly breaded which Im not a big fan of, but still it tasted really good a nice sweet taste to it, and that brown rice was cooked to perfection my friends! yum!! As the appetizer which is included in the $7.00 we got the “Chicken Satay” (included with lunch special) Charbroiled marinated soy chicken skewers served with a tangy peanut chili sauce. This was spectacular! I only wish they had told us it was only 1 skewer with the lunch special, would have liked to have my own! Next up we got the ” Thai Basil Chicken” ($7.00-lunch special) Sliced soy chicken, red and green peppers, onions, bamboo shoots, sweet peas and aromatic basil sauce.” I absolutely loved this dish! Came out piping hot with fresh basil and perfectly cooked soy with a little spice! You have to try this one:) Lastly we got the ” Yaki Udon Chicken” ($9.00) Stir fried udon with red and green peppers, onions, zucchini, and bean sprouts.” This dish was ok.. The noodles were flippin thick though ( personally I’m partial to a thinner noodle) The soy meat and veggies were tasty if only the noodles had been thinner….All in all this was a pretty good meal… The service was a little off I must say and you should def. ask to have the dishes your ordering described ( we were a little confused about what we ended up getting) But if your in the west village and want some fresh healthy and flavorful food stop into Soy and Sake:) Eat clean and healthy!
Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,
47 -49 7th Ave. South
New York NY.