Sage: Epic food ..crazy service..

Sage ( & KindKreme)

So my brunch of choice today was the new Sage Bistro in Echo Park. I decided to head on over early ( they are suppose to open at 9 on Sat. & Sun.) and have a delicious breakfast. They have a huge brunch menu with items like; Sweet Potato Pancakes,

Jackfruit Chorizo Burrito

Tostadas, Jackfruit Burritos, Omlettes, Smoked Mac & Cheese, Latkes, and even more! During the week they have a huge lunch & dinner menu as well with different sandwiches, salads, side dishes, and appetizers that sound incredible. They also are connected to

Toast and 'butta'

KindKreme which serves up raw,vegan, organic ice cream and desserts. Anywho, I got there promptly at 8:55 and waited outside for 9 O’clock to hit…when it did they still were not opened so I waited a few minutes ( i saw some employees inside getting the chairs set up).. after 1o minutes past 9 and preceded to walk in and ask if they were open.. The response was almost comical.. ” well, um were suppose to be but we never have customers this early so umm..“.. OK ??? So I at least was able to wait inside for another 30 minutes ( THEN they were ready for me to order, I must add though they could not make everything as they were waiting for a delivery..oy vey- I hope the food is better than the service). Finally I ordered the ” Jackfruit Chorizo Burrito ($8.25) Smoked Spicy Jackfruit, Roasted Potato, Tofu Egg, Gazpacho, & Avocado wrapped in a Whole Wheat Tortilla served with a side of Rice and Beans & Adobo Chili Sauce. I just realized that they didn’t give me the beans or rice..but fruit.and a side of “Raisin Walnut Toast with Garlic Butter”. I will say this food made up for the awkward service. This is one of the most delicious ‘breakfast burritos’ I’ve eaten …. the flavors were just melt in my mouth delicious! The “toast” wasn’t toasted but it was pretty good.. a little strange to serve a breakfast bread with garlic butter, but I will say the butter was rockstar. Really some epic food here folks.:) SO all in all a kind of awkward start to my brunch but the food is worth a visit. Im sure i’ll be back to try some of the other amazing options they have!! Eat Clean!

luscious 🙂

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Sage Bistro:

1700 W. Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles CA.