Crazy good Vegan Food Truck!

The Cinnamon Snail Food Truck

A vegan Food Truck??! I think so:) The Cinnamon Snail is a mobile vegan restaurant serving up breakfast, lunch, live entrees, beverages, and some ridiculous pastries! They serve NYC as well as New Jersey on various days. I saw the pastries in the window of their truck and knew I had to stop for a treat:) There were SO many

SO many Choices!

options like donuts, muffins,and danishes I had no idea what to get.. My dad was with me and he’s a big fan of non- vegan danishes, so I thought I would get one to split with him- to see how it compared for him:) So we split the “Raspberry Cheese Danish($2.00) Fresh Vegan Flaky Pastry Batter baked with a ‘Cheese’ & Raspberry

oh yeah:)

Jelly Filling. Oh my word- If I could have this for breakfast every morning I do believe I would. The pastry was flaky with the perfect balance of ‘cheese’ and raspberry jelly. I am in love my friends. . How did my dad the part time vegan eater rate this little delight you may ask? He was in absolute shock that it was vegan.. you could totally trick a carnivore with this puppy..mhmm. I rate this a 12 out of 10;). The staff is super helpful and has a cool vegan vibe. love it. I cannot wait to try some of their other goodies as well as their entrees! If you ever see this truck make a point to stop!! Eat clean peeps!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


The Cinnamon Snail:


*For location info check their Facebook Page*