Le Pain Quotidien…London Style..

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and in my opinion everything is better in London;) Of course I’ve been to Le Pain Quotidien in the good ol’ USA, but for whatever reason the one in London seemed so much better.. perhaps it’s just that I adore London:p But really the vegan muffin here and fruit were so much better and fresher! While on my holiday I started most mornings at Le Pain Quotidien. This particular review is from the one in the SOHO area of London. To start off I’d get a “Soy Latte(E 2.50) Fresh Soymilk steamed and mixed with Expresso. There is just something about having a coffee in Europe that makes it taste THAT much better.. and trust me I was a 2 latte a day offender;) Something so lovely about sitting at a little cafe on the streets sipping a latte…<3- For my meal I decided to get the “Granola Bowl” (E3.95) Fresh Homemade Granola with seeds and nuts served with steamed soymilk. Some of the best granola I’ve had!! Crunchy, healthy and delish! Along side I ordered the “Lg. Fruit Salad Bowl” (E4.50)Fresh Mixed Fruit- Mango, Grapes, Apple, Mixed Melon, and Berries. The best thing about this place is the “Vegan Blueberry Muffin (E2.20) Fresh Vegan Batter filled with fresh Blueberries. These muffins are SO amazing! Seriously taste better than any of the ones at their cafes in the US ( sry america;)). IF you go to London you have to get one of these! MHM.. This is such a great cafe in London with tons of breakfast food, and such fresh breads and pastries! Make it a point to stop in if you ever find yourself in good ol’ London town;)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Le Pain Quotidien:

18 Great Marlborough St.

W1F 7HT, London