Candle Cafe: NYC

First I went to Candle Cafe on the upper east side for lunch one of my favorite vegan places. the people there are so nice:) I had the Tofu BLT with steamed broccoli- an amazing sandwich on whole grain toast. delicious! I also tried the Crystal Rolls which is rice paper wrapped with veggies, and grilled seitan and avacado along with an iced tea:) Those rolls were heaven. So glad they put them on the menu:)! Such a good place..

After Lunch I met Allegra to go to the Whitney Museum of Modern Art and the Met. Had so much fun. Allegra is always fun to hang out with and the museums were awesome. The met is huge. haha !:) Tomorrow just packing and getting everything ready to leave for Florida… then Busch Gardens on Saturday!:) Life is good.! Thats all for now. a few pictures:)

Zen Palate: NYC

So today was a pretty nice day:) Met a friend for lunch at Zen Palate so she could try some vegan food:) Had a lot of fun:) It was nice:)! I loved the food I’m pretty sure she liked it ok . haha.

The good thing about Zen is that it’s pretty easy to split food. So we ordered two things and split. The Sweet and Sour Sensation with Brown Rice and Moo Shoo Rolls. Which is like a version of Sweet and Sour Chicken except soy and healthy.. ha served over steamed broccoli 🙂 Delicious to me but for those of you ( most of you) who are not vegan you might find the texture a little chewy. haha. We also Split the Mango Halo.. which is soy with mangos, green pea pods, and ginkgo nuts, with brown rice and moo shoo rolls. this dish was also delicious nice and sweet with the mango.. overall really yummy:). A fantastic lunch!:)

Candle Cafe: NYC

SO review of Candle Cafe two different times. {}

First of the Grilled Seitan Burger with vegan mayo, sprouts, onions, and lettuce with tempeh bacon served with vegan cole slaw of course:) Really good on a nice seeded bun. Great seitan meal. fresh and healhty tasting nice smooth burger. mhmm Candle has really great food a little more expensive than the other restaurants but worth it if your over in the Upper East Side..
Secondly the special which was the Grilled Seitan steak with onions, and broccoli with a vegan gravy. Healthy and light homestyle type meal- Maybe your version of meatloaf and mashed potatos.. but healthy! A great portion to go. delicious!

Candle Cafe.. a quick review..

SO didn’t get a chance to review my meal at Candle Cafe on the Upper East Side.. I got the special which was the Paella with a saffron rice carrots, lots of steamed greens and cajun seitan with a tomato sauce, accompanied by cauliflower, green beans, and zucchini.. It was really good:) light but filling. Sometimes I don’t get specials because I wonder why they aren’t always on the menu and not just occasionally but this was a good choice:) I love Candle great healthy restaurant:)
In Christ,

Cafe Blossom: NYC

Cafe Blossom offers delicious sandwiches, salads, appetizers, smoothies lots of yummies. This  is there vegan Fettucini Alfredo. Creamy with 2 pieces of Tofu and lovely cherry tomatoes and spinach. all in all a fantastic dish!

Cafe Blossom:
466 Columbus Ave.

New York NY


Peacefood Cafe: NYC

This past week, has been slightly stressful- nothing in particular just life in general. but I suppose you roll with the punches right? Let me just say I am not a fan of rain, let me say I’m really not a fan of rain in New York City.. why you ask? Lets start of with gross streets filled with dirty water – not bad enough is that the wind was so heavy ( hurricane force or so i’ve heard) so basically any umbrella I did have was destroyed.. total count of ruined umbrellas this week = 4 . I need to get a really strong umbrella. I always question though.. why don’t they use something stronger to make umbrellas something that won’t self destruct in the wind.. So the umbrella was a fail I got soaked pretty much two days in a row.. then the whole wet sneakers thats just nasty. So needless to say I am so glad that the rain has gone and this week is suppose to be lovely. highs in the 50’s? really? love you new york:) Today was just a light rain so it was great compared to the monsoon yesterday..(;)} had a relaxing day headed to Peacefood for the best vegan caesar salad in the city along with a freshly squeezed glass of O.J. lots of vitamin C today:) Feeling kind of tired and blah maybe it’s the rain eh? Hopefully things will be looking up the rest of the week and if things aren’t looking up I suppose I will be:)! thats all for now folks. I’ll leave you for a little eye candy to slobber at;)

In Christ,

Candle Cafe: NYC

SO I went to Candle Cafe on 77th and 3rd today. Really good like always:) {}

Today I tried the BBQ tempeh and sweet potato sandwich with steamed kale on multi grain toast. It was really good and light.:) YUM! I got the special to go for lunch tomorrow Im sure it will be equally as good:) The mexican seitan burrito with veggies. YUM> just a quick review. check out candle:)!!

Caravan of Dreams: NYC

at Caravan of Dreams today {} It was super big and super good:) Seitan Ques. with onions and peppers and a chili sauce accompanied by a small side salad. Both amazing.. Big enough to eat half and save the rest for later. Really good not surprising though caravan is amazing:)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Caravan of Dreams:

405 East 6th St.

New York NY.