Who needs sugar?

Stevia in the Raw

So I consider myself to be a VERY strict vegan… I suppose on a vegan diet your allowed to eat sugar ( as long as it is vegan)..candies, sugary drinks, vegan treats with sugar, etc. but I made the decision to keep a diet of wholesome, sugar free, healthy organic vegan food.. no sugar, no white flour.nothing unhealthy…Sometimes that can be difficult but a product that is becoming popular fast, has made this lifestyle a bit easier. “Stevia” .. Stevia has many different brands, and varieties ( granulated form, powder).. So I thought I would tell you about 2 of my favorite types.. First of let me start by saying that a big selling point of Stevia is that it is calorie free.. you heard me calorie free. Great for people on diets or who like that sweet taste without the guilt of calories or carbs.. The first brand I’ll tell you about it “Stevia in the Raw” you can normally purchase this at Wholefoods or even


your local grocery store. . Stevia in the Raw I would recommend using for Iced or cold drinks.. I find that it absorbs best in those items… The next type is NuStevia this product I don’t think you will find at a local grocery store.. You’ll most likely have to hit a Health food store to find it! I really like this one in Hot drinks or if you buy the powder form for baking. .. Well that’s all my two cents. I recommend you at least try Stevia once… You may never go back to sugar again:)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Stevia in the Raw: